Julie Breton artist statement & bio, Nelson BC

“Art lets me see the unseen. It grounds me while setting me free. 

I chose to work with abstracts for it allows me spontaneity and freedom. I am not concerned with form but with colour and composition. My artwork is very dynamic, both in it’s execution and result. You can often perceive the motion in each stroke.

Art lets me see the unseen. It grounds me while setting me free.

Fascinated by history, culture and literature my work explores our connection to the past, the natural world and cultural evolution. In search of spontaneity and freedom I bring these subjects to life through a series of vibrant and dynamic abstract paint layers, mark making and drawings. The result resembling a sort of visual poetry conveying emotion and energy ratter that an accurate depiction of the subject matter.

My current body of work is inspired by Victorian era glasshouses versus the growth of the industrial revolution. This was a time where new ideology and cultural shifts brought about the slow end of opulent grandeur and the importance of social status. This polarization is what I am now exploring through my artistic practice.

Occupation  Artist and Graphic Designer.

Location  Nelson, BC, Canada.

Origins  French Canadian

Inspiration History, culture, landscape & literature.

Why paint?  To fulfill an almost instinctual need to leave a mark, to alter, to create.

Current obsession  French literature, abandonned glasshouses, exploring new materials, moss.

Favourite paint colour  Crimson or anything red. It adds a fantastic vibrancy.

Most used paint colour  Prussian blue, Naples yellow light.

Favourite artist  Matisse, Kline, De Kooning, Frankenthaler, Soulages & Diebenkorn.

Guilty pleasure  Finding insane alternate titles for my artwork.

I would like to...  Have the patience to read literary classics.

On my night stand  Colette and You must change your life by Rachel Corbett.

Favourite city  Old Québec city and Paris, bien sûr!

Wild aspiration  Seeing my art used in a Dries Van Noten Fashion show.

Dreaming of  Traveling to Paris, Iceland and painting in England.